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About Over and Beyond Coaching

Hello there! My name is Valerie, and it is my mission to walk alongside women through times of confusion and frustration that circumstances in their lives can bring.

My vision is for women to find their purpose and sense of fulfillment in the midst of their circumstances, as they draw closer to the heart of God, of His Son, Jesus, and step into lifestyles that promote their overall well-being.

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I understand how difficult it can be to navigate through changes this life brings. Life change, wanted or not, can cause feelings of uncertainty and fear which can lead to a place of feeling hopeless, lost or stuck. This can be paralyzing! This is not the way we were created to live!

As Christians, we know that God said in His Word, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I (God) have overcome the world!" (1 John 16:33)

And yet, I understand the struggle to "take heart" and hold onto God's truth, day after day after day...when it seems everything and everyone else is screaming the opposite.   


This is why I am passionate to share the tools I've received from my Certification from The Center For Christian Coaching


The hope and encouragement I've received from God in my own experiences reminds me that it is by God's power and by His grace, through His Son, Jesus Christ, that we have the power to live this life in hope, with purpose and fulfillment!

With Christian Life Coaching, you will see that you don't have to stay in a place of frustration and fear. There are choices you can confidently make; you can move forward in purpose, intentionality and live a life of fulfillment!



As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved, Certified Christian Life Coach through the Center for Christian Coaching, the ICF Core Competencies and Ethics, along with dependency on God, His Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are at the core of my coaching.

Through my training at CCC, I received numerous, helpful tools to help each unique client move forward in a life of hope and fulfillment. I provide accountability in each session to support each client through her personal life journey.


I have learned how to be an Active Listener; to hear beyond mere words, and ask questions to enable my clients to discover what they personally need to move forward in the life God has given them.

I have over 15 years of experience in mentoring teenage through college age girls, including my own two daughters.

I have journeyed with other women in becoming a wife and mother, and continue to provide support and encouragement in this life-long journey. I am thankful to receive support from others myself! We need each other!

I believe every woman has an amazing potential to bring positive, life-giving change to an increasingly hard world.

I am passionate about encouraging others to live the way God created them to live, and have learned how to work alongside the Holy Spirit on behalf of each unique client He brings my way.

I am a beloved child of God, my Savior.

I am in the life-long journey of learning how to navigate every new season of this life with Him.

I am in the process of understanding and loving Him as He deserves in return.

I am a native of Colorado, wife to my best friend and husband of over twenty-five years and mother to two, uniquely amazing daughters.

I am a lover of nature, music and dance, and enjoy weight-lifting, chocolate and red wine - the latter three all to a degree! :)

I am excited to come alongside each client God brings my way, meet them where they're at, and help them move forward in a joyful and purposeful future!

"Valerie is very kind and patient! I appreciated her praying at the beginning of each session and offering her own perspective or experience when it aided. Her guiding questions were helpful, too. I've learned a lot about myself with her support!"

Cambria P, CO

Who I Help

I work with teen girls and women who are looking to make changes in their lives, regardless of whether or not they have a friendship with God and His Son, Jesus.

Whether going through a major life transition or feeling stuck, I am here to help move forward in a life of hope, purpose and fulfillment!

How I Do It

My coaching approach is based on the belief that every person has been created uniquely by God, for a unique purpose. With God's help, everyone has the power to live the life they were created to live. I work with the Holy Spirit alongside my clients to identify their strengths and areas for growth, providing them the tools and accountability to take the first step and every step after!

What's in It for You

Through my coaching services, you can expect to gain clarity in your life and a renewed sense of purpose. I will help you identify your true needs, overcome obstacles, and create a plan for achieving success. Together, we will work towards a hopeful and meaningful future for you!

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